N I N E T E E N 1 9


so a week ago today I turned probably one of the least exciting ages ever, nineteen.

in the week leading up to your 18th birthday you’re so excited to be able to go out (i mean i was as i was too scared to borrow someone else’s ID) and you’re a proper adult

at 20 you’re no longer a teenager and you feel like a serious adult

and then 21 is a well celebrated age (not quite sure why but i’m not gonna complain)

but 19 years of age. 19 is just a dull dull age – sorry to the 19 year olds out there but it’s a harsh truth


birthdays no matter how boring the age is are always a good time to reflect on your past year so here’s a brief little reflect on being 18

my 18th birthday has been my best birthday ever and that period of time was probably my happiest

i was taken to a surprise theatre visit and my boyfriend and bestfriend came over to surprise me with my birthday presents where lots of tears were involved

then came the next day where i had a house party (although I can’t remember much of this I know that I had the best time). Then the next three nights were spent going out with my best friends and then using that as an excuse to spend the next few days in bed recovering 

this year however i was not as excited for. my boyfriend had just dumped me, i had no plans and all my friends were on holiday. i was dreading the fact of becoming nineteen and growing up into an adult. when it came to the day i was happier than i expected, my family made a huge fuss of me as did my friends (from abroad) and i enjoyed it, sipping mojitos throughout the day until watching Bridget Jones’ Diary at night and falling asleep on the sofa in a heap. a low key birthday was what i needed this year – and also means I can go all out for my 20th next year!

who knows what 19 will bring me, but i’ll take this year as a “personal development year” and try to do lots of exciting things – who said 19 has to be boring, my goal this year is to make it one of the best years of my life (please try not to cringe, i know i am)

Ellie Blooms x