Take Me Back To Paris

So after I finished my first year at uni in June, my boyfriend at the time whisked me away to Paris. We hopped on the Eurostar late morning on a Monday then came back very late at night on the Friday. It was an absolutely lovely holiday and even though we’re not together now, I very much enjoyed the trip at the time and have such fond memories of the holiday!


So on the Monday we made our way down to St. Pancras station ready to get away on our little romantic break to the beautiful city of Paris. The journey was so much less stressful than catching a flight and was nice to just catch a little glimpse of scenery as we raced through England and then Paris. Once we got there we were both pretty tired and ready for bed but we powered through, freshened up and headed out to explore where we were staying. We were staying next to the metro station Cambronne which I could only describe as a quaint little town with a big Sephora in the middle of it? Anyway, there were quite a few nice restaurants and cafes about, which we definitely enjoyed a little too much! We found a lovely little cafe type restaurant thingy where we both had Margherita pizzas (we’re so uncultured I know) before retiring back to our hotel and sleeping to save up our energy for a day of exploring the following day.


We woke up a lot later than what we had anticipated, so we skipped breakfast and rushed off to the Notre Dame where we sat outside a cafe overlooking the cathedral eating banana and Nutella crepes. After making my now ex take lots of photos of me outside of it (and him not quite gripping what sort of photo I wanted) we made our way over to the Louvre. It was extremely hot this day and we were excited to look around the Louvre, not only to appreciate the beautiful art and the iconic Mona Lisa, but also to provide a bit of refuge from the sun. NO ONE BLOODY TOLD US IT’S CLOSED ON A TUESDAY. However we just laughed it off and carried on walking in the disgusting heat. We sat outside this lovely fountain which was surrounded by beautiful statues and this magnificent arch and just took in the surroundings. We then embarked upon the Champs-Elysees making sure to stop in almost every shop (minus the designer ones because student funds) and keep an eye out for potential restaurants. Once we had taken in the spectacle that is the Champs-Elysees we made it to the Arc Du Triomphe and it is fairly safe to say that we were both blown away by the sheer size and impressive architecture. We then headed back to the hotel for a quick power nap and a freshen up to change into our evening clothes. We then went for a very posh meal along one of the little side roads off of the Champs-Elysees and then went back to our hotel and watched endless episodes of friends before falling asleep.IMG_3322


When we thought it wasn’t possible to wake up any later than what we did the day before we somehow managed it. So after a quick get ready and make-up application, we were out the hotel in our own record time and jumped on the metro straight to the Eiffel Tower. As were we both incredibly hungry (no surprise there), we sat right near to the Eiffel Tower eating our body weight in crepes. After enjoying our food and discussing our plans for the day we walked over towards the tower and spent a good hour taking pictures and taking in the scenery. We then decided to start our ascent of the tower (using the lift, it was WAY too hot to be walking up all those steps). Once we got to the first level, we were told that we couldn’t go all the way to the top due to there being too many people up there, which we were slightly disappointed with but still were very appreciative of the gorgeous views and the stories we overheard from the slightly over-enthusiastic tour guide. Once we came back down, we spent a few hours walking around the surrounding area, looking for restaurants, and looking at the soon to be olympic arenas, and generally just admiring the views and the culture surrounding us. We went to a lovely little restaurant near to the Eiffel Tower which sold these absolutely huge diet cokes which we were very taken aback by. We sat next to a lovely American family and exchanged our holiday stories. Once we were back at the hotel, I was made to sit and watch gaming videos on youtube by my ex, but I happily complied as I was very tired and knew it would keep him quiet.IMG_3296


Waking up at 5am, we were so so ready for the day ahead. The day I had been waiting for. The day we were going to Disneyland! I have never been so happy to get out of bed at 5 in the morning and I applied my makeup perfectly, curled my hair and put on my best day clothes and I was SO ready for the day ahead. After about an hour and a half train journey to the wonder that is Disneyland, I was so ready and even shed a tiny tear about how happy I was. We got there and immediately got on the Pinocchio ride (one of my favourites from when I was little), after this I was filled with even more excitement, and knowing that we had tickets to both of the parks i knew that my inner child was going to come out even more as the day went on. After purchasing a pair of iconic Minnie Mouse ears, they were promptly placed on my head and I was even more raring to go. We went on ride after ride (minus the super scary ones for me, I am terrified of the big rides) and then momentarily stopped the excitement for lunch. We went for a quick fast-food lunch at Disney as our main priority that day wasn’t eating, it was taking in all the amazing wonders that Disneyland had to offer. After lunch we went on more rides and watched the Disney parade before returning back to the hotel and grabbing some dinner. This was my favourite day and wish that we had spent more time there!!



This was our final day of our little trip. We had to be out of the hotel by 11 but our train wasn’t until 8pm so those hours in between were very annoying to fill! But anyway we went back to the Champs-Elysees and got a light brunch there and then I dragged my ex into Sephora and all the clothes shops and made him give me his honest opinions about every product I picked up. I think in the end he just said yes to everything to appease me. We managed to pass the hours by shopping and eating and eventually returned back home, feeling very tired but also very happy about the holiday we had spent together.

i wanna go back on holiday

Paris preferably but any city break will do xx

(p.s. someone come and sweep me off my feet)

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