so probably one of the most terrifying days of your adolescent life right? i mean i know that it was for me!

around a year ago today, i can remember waking up feeling sick to my stomach knowing that what I would be doing in September would be determined by the 3 letters written on a single piece of A4 paper.

leading up to results day I was convinced I had’t passed. the year before I got CCDD, so wasn’t going into my second year with the best grades. I had to resit almost all of my AS Levels alongside my A2s and was extremely stressed throughout the whole duration of it.

along came results day, I was equipped with my list of universities I would try through clearing and  if failing that, I had mentally prepared myself for re-sitting A Levels.

Opening that awful brown envelope I found myself with a B in Psychology, a C in History and a C in English Literature (was fairly chuffed with that as I didn’t read the books).

I needed ABB to get into my uni of choice so I was a little disappointed but after checking UCAS they still accepted me! I had to complete a foundation year first (worst year of my life but that’s a story for another time) but they were so many other people including my flatmates who were in the same situation!

I thought uni at Sussex was the right thing for me so after I found out I had got in I was so excited but after spending a year there, I realised that it wasn’t right for me. So don’t get disheartened if you haven’t got into your first choice of university or job or apprenticeship, because you never know, what you’ve decided to do now will really help to clarify what you want to do in your future!

I know that getting good grades is so important to some people and it’s so admirable when I see people getting amazing grades (and i still get jealous when I see people getting A’s and B’s) but some people (like myself) just aren’t that academic, and to even achieve the qualification is a big deal. So just do what makes you happy and isn’t going to impact upon your mental health as your wellbeing is the most important thing!

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