Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical – Your Inner Wild Child

Last night, may I add for the second time, me and my lovely mother went to see Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical at the London Coliseum. And I fell in love with it all over again.

IMG_3764.jpegSet in Obsidian (a post-apocalyptic Manhattan), a young leader of a rebellious gang, Strat falls in love with the daughter of Falco, the most powerful man and leader of Obsidian.

I seriously don’t even know where to begin with it. Everything about it, to me anyway, fills the criteria of an amazing musical. Strong characters (check), even stronger voices (check) and a powerful and moving storyline (check), I must admit, a few tears were shed. (I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE!)

It’s impossible to take everything in that’s going on in the musical as your eyes and mind are constantly occupied by the spectacular that is occurring. You’re so zoned in to one part of the musical and then all of a sudden you’re transformed into a completely different part and even more amazed on what’s going on.

In addition to this, all the actors and actresses are incredible, making each character as interesting and deep as their co-actors.

So if you’re in tune with your inner wild side, or would like to discover that part of you then this musical is a must-see.

Anyway, it is playing at the London Coliseum until August 22nd so if you have the chance or the funds (one of the only downsides) I would 100% recommend it!

Ellie Blooms x

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